Fabrics To Choose for Evening Dresses and Gowns

Fabrics To Choose for Evening Dresses and Gowns

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  • Fri Feb 05, 2021
Fabrics To Choose for Evening Dresses and Gowns

The idea of perfect dress starts with the perfect fabric, and when you make your own dress, you can choose exactly what fabric is best for you. When it comes to dresses and evening gowns, think dreamy, elegant, ethereal. Silk, satin, organza, chiffon etc are the fabrics used to make the best and wonderful evening dresses for years, and with their natural beauty, elegant drapes, and exquisite femininity, it’s no wonder why.

Best fabrics for making evening dresses

To help you with your mission to create your perfect red carpet dress, we, at Yuvansh Fab, have selected the best fabrics to assist you in your mission. If you are confused by all of the different fabrics available, and are unsure of what the difference is between organza and chiffon, or Georgette, then we are here to help.

Different fabrics suit different silhouettes and cuts. Consider your fabric carefully, to ensure that it is the right one for your perfect dress.

1. Chiffon

Chiffon is a beauty of a fabric, available in several different versions. This fabric can be constructed from silk, cotton, rayon or synthetic fibres. This fabric is a very fine and lightweight fabric, which gives a beautiful drape, making it an ideal choice for red carpet gowns.

Some other unique chiffon characteristics include:

  • A plain weave
  • Made from loose and tightly twisted yarns
  • Soft and supple
  • Drapes and gathers well
  • Fine and transparent
  • Generally taut

Silk chiffon fabric is a well known choice for elegant and formal evening wear. Chiffon gets its unique handle from the twisted yarns in its formulation. It is a mostly sheer fabric.

2. Georgette

This lovely fabric is traditionally made with silk, but it can also be made from synthetic yarns, such as polyester. This georgette fabric is a distinctive fabric, which has characteristics unique to itself, some of these include:

  • A crinkly, crepe like texture
  • Feels slightly rough and dry
  • A bouncy, flowing drape
  • Constructed from highly twisted yarns
  • Has a tight weave
  • Strong and holds up well to wear

Georgette is always a well known choice when it comes to making gowns and evening dresses.

3. Satin

Satin is one of the most well known choices when it comes to formal evening wear. And it isn’t difficult to see why! This chic and opulent fabric has a great shiny face, which adds depth, movement and drama. Some other notable characteristics of satin include:

  • A sleek and glossy face
  • Woven fabric with a very specific weave
  • Typically has a dull back
  • Highly lustrous
  • Used for fashion, furnishings, bedding and upholstery

Satin is easily recognisable thanks to its glossy face and matt back. The light reflects, due to the floating yarns, and this lustrous appearance makes it ideal for worthy evening gowns.

4. Organza

This fabric is crisp and lightweight, and ideal for adding that ethereal quality to evening gowns. Made from highly twisted yarns in a loose organza can be made from silk or synthetic fabrics. The delicate and dreamy appearance of this fabric is loved by all, as well as these other notable organza characteristics:

  • Crisp and dry handle
  • A wiry feel
  • Stiff and transparent
  • Thin and lightweight
  • A fine texture
  • A slight sheen

This distinct fabric can instantly give your dress a real princess quality. This fabric can be layered to create a waterfall of cascading organza, which subtly catches the light and holds its shape well. Organza can be used in all kinds of dresses. This specialized fabric is versatile and mixes well with other fabrics, to create a unique final piece.

We, at Yuvansh Fab, avail all the above mentioned fabrics in Surat, India.


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Rajeev Sharma

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Avinav Jha

I have received the product of my first order from yuvansh fab….. The products are as shown in the pictures and qualities too is good …Beautiful and equally soft range of fabrics...comfy to wear..I am happy with the purchasing


Frequently Asked Questions

We undergo regular quality checks of our offered fabrics during the production time. After product finishing, we do a manual check of our range of products. We have quality certificates for each fabric/ product that we manufacture.

We provide a FREE sample and shade card to help you choose the best and optimum Product and color as per your requirement. A buyer or client will have to bear the shipping cost of the sample.

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